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the next section of my website is all about Shapiro Medical Group.

I have included this section on my website as i feel that having made the mistake that i have in the past, this would be highly beneficial to all UK hair loss sufferers.

I want to make it abundantly clear to everyone though, that i do not and never have worked for SMG.

No money as ever exchanged hands for this website and no deals for exchanges of services has ever been made.

The pro bono repair offered by SMG was done out of the kindness of their hearts, and after having a great experience there, i decided of my own back to put this website together.

The aim of this site is to get as much information possible regarding a world class hairtransplant clinic to the UK public, with the intention of preventing people going through the nightmare i did.

Over the next set of pages you can read about Shapiro Medical Group and their surgeons, - Dr Ron Shapiro and Dr Paul Shapiro. There is also a photo Gallery of a small selection of SMG patients which highlights just how superb this clinic really is

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