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Meeting the patient’s expectations of naturalness and density are the two most important goals in hair transplantation


The expectations of our patients and the goal of our physicians is to achieve an end result that is completely natural and undetectable. Through years of training and refining their technique, the physicians at Shapiro Medical Group have mastered the art and science of transplantation to provide their patients with the most natural look possible.


At Shapiro Medical Group we aim to achieve the best density and coverage possible. This takes a high level of skill as patients only have a limited supply of donor transplantable donor hair. Therefore, it is critical to move the precious supply in the most effective way to maximise the achievable appearance of density. The achievable density is different in every patient, but Shapiro Medical Group uses extensive experience and an exceptional technique to achieve the best results possible.


We believe patient education is critical. Patients need to understand the procedure and know what they can truly expect. We hope this website will accomplish this goal


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